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RunAsSpc = runas + password + encryption
  • Security patches, software updates, programs and each other software-package can be installed by the user themselves without having administrator privileges.
    RunAsSpc will start the application with other credentials than the logged-on user. The login information for the application like username and password are read from an encrypted file.
    An administrator can specify, e.g. by central encrypt files, which applications have to start with admin rights.
    RunAsSpc is compatible with the most file endings like
    exe,msi,bat,cmd,wsh,vbs, msc...
    No installation procedure for RunAsSpc. 
  • Many users are working under administrator account, because some programs are missing administrator rights to run correctly.
    By RunAsSpc, a standard user has not  to login as administrator to run this applications.
    Video example
  • Surfing the Internet as an administrator makes the system vulnerable to malware, spyware, viruses and other security risks. Surf with a limited rights account, the amount of risk decreases dramatically. Start your Browser under this limited account with RunAsSpc. 
  • You want to instruct someone to configure a computer, but you cannot give him the administrator password, because you use it also on other systems?
    With RunAsSpc and its encrypted file which starts the computer manager (compmgmt.msc) or a file manager like Total Commander based on administrator account, you can give him full access to this computer without to give him the administrator password.


Before i developed RunAsSpc. I looked for a version of runas with the following criteria.
  • The user does not have to enter a password, like on runas.
  • Only the applications allowed by me, could be started by the user. 
  • The tool must not be bypassed by simple renaming the application name or saving of Identification like runas/savecred
  • It should be simple to handle.
RunAsSpc starts programs under another user account than the logged-in user.
The application and the account information will be read from a secured crypt file, which built on command line with RunasSpc or the administrator interface RunAsSpcAdmin.
Each encrypted file receives its own password at runtime, created by the file itself, like a finger mark.
Before RunAsSpc start the authorized application, the application will be checked on bit level.
RunAsSpc does not require an installation procedure. You only need to copy runasspc.exe and an encrypted file on a computer to start it directly.
RunAsSpc can also be run without using a cyptfile. You can call runasspc.exe with password in clear text on command line. It can be useful for scripts and tests.

Guidance and Examples >>>

  • Run as administrator is not working.
    Your application, script, or batch file probably does not request elevated privileges on an UAC activated system.
    If an application request elevated privileges, then RunAsSpc start it with elevated privileges.
    A non-elevated application, like your one, can run with elevated rights by using additional the tool RunElevated, or simply using our advanced tool RunasRob.
  • bypass the UAC Dialog is the way of our tool RunasRob 
  • RunAsSpc couldn’t find the application
    - Set the complete path of the application in the encrypted file.
    - The application must be reached for the user who calls the application over RunAsSpc, because RunAsSpc read the checksum of the application before the application will be call under another user context.
  • Error messages can be suppressed by switch /quiet
    runasspc.exe /cryptfile:“path/cryptfile.spc“ /quiet
  • UNC Path are supported. Mapped drives not .
    The cryptfile can be on a mapped drive but not the application.
  • RunAsSpc, cryptfile and the application can be on different folders
  • Errors Codes:
    The most errors codes are explained on Microsoft MSDN.
  • Running on XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, 64 and 32 Bit
  • The restriction of the free version for private use
    is the start-up window with license information which appears at random intervals
    even if you set the switch /quiet.
  • Authorize only a specific user or group to run a an application.
    This can be achieved over NTFS permissions to the encrypted file, or the program file or folder.


For any suggestions, errors or questions
please contact:

RunAsSpc license

RunAsSpc is free for private use.
For companies we deliver a licensed version of RunAsSpc, registered to the enterprise`s name..

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