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Run application as administrator, the alternative Runas command

Easy tools to start an application with different login options.
Run as administrator, run as system, run as service, run as different user are various options for many possibilities.

  • Authorize program files or folders in RunAsRob, which can used from a limited user to run this software as administrator.
  • You can simple distribute software, updates, patches, drivers..., by copy it on a network share you have authorized in RunAsRob.
  • Give an application administrator privileges instead of a user account.
  • Delegate administrative tasks via specific programs you have allowed in RunAsRob.
  • Manage the authorized applications or folders central in a domain by group policy or folder permissions.
  • Bypass the UAC dialog for the authorized application.
  • Applications can also run under system account, which has even more system permissions than an administrator account.
  • Launch applications with temporary administrator rights for this program under the account of the limited user themselves, with his own profile and settings.
  • Wildcard asterisk * and environment variables like %windir% can used for authorization of programs and folder paths.
  • Not necessary to use encrypted files with credentials. The authorization can be controlled by registry and folder access rights.
  • Run application as service with system privileges after system start, whether a user is logged in or not.
  • RunAsRob is easy to use in small environments and also clearly designed for the use in a big domain forest.

RunAsRob contains three parts:

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Run as service >>>
Run as different user >>>

RunAsRob details, differences, FAQs:

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RunasRob is only free for private use.
For companies and other organisations we deliver a licensed version, registered to the organisation name.
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Date: 2018-11-08
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