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Run application with elevated privileges, which doesn't request elevated permissions.

You need RunElevated on a system with an active UAC (user access control)
for applications, which don't request elevated rights, but you want to start it with elevated permissions.
For example, a batch file, the command line prompt cmd.exe, a file manager, a script or a single command like net.exe.

You can drag and drop the application onto RunElevated.exe
or you create a shortcut or a batch file with the command
>> RunElevated.exe Application.exe <<


  1. Launch command prompt with elevated privileges from an administrator account.
    >> RunElevated.exe %windir%\system32\cmd.exe <<
  2. Launch a batch file or another script with elevated rights from an administrator account.
    >> RunElevated.exe c:\pfad\yourScript.bat <<
  3. Call command net.exe with elevated permissions to add an useraccount.
    >> RunElevated.exe NET USER username "password" /ADD <<
  4. Launch command prompt from a non administrator accountwith administrator rights and elevated privileges.
    You need RunasSpc.
    >> runasspc.exe /program:"c:\path\RunElevated.exe" /param:"%windir%\system32\cmd.exe" /user:"administrator" /password:"pass" <<
  5. Launch command line prompt from a non administrator account with administrator rights and elevated privileges by an encrypted file.
    You need RunAsRob.exe
    - Create an encrypted file in RunAsRob as shown in the screenshot below.
    - Launch this encrypted file with command: >> RunAsRob.exe /cryptfile:"c:\temp\CommandLineElevated.xus" <<
    Screenshot Elevate with RunasSpc


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Date: 2018-05-11